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Hazelnut Cold Brew - Easy Brew Cold Brew Bags
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Perk up your senses with this rich and refreshing Hazelnut Cold Brew, specially crafted using Cold Brew Blend by Toffee Coffee Roasters. Our Classic Hazelnut Cold Brew is made out of India's top 3% Arabica Beans (100% Arabica), selectively sourced from the finest coffee estates of Asia and then artistically roasted in small batches. Brew it overnight for a refreshing experience and top it up with some milk, cream and sugar syrup for a refreshing experience.

Each Cold Brew Bag is of 60 gms and can make up 4 glasses of Cold Brew.


- Pour in 450 ml water/bag. Just Steep it Overnight in Fridge for 16 Hours. 

- Stays Fresh in your Fridge for upto 7 Days.

Coffee Notes: Hazelnut Overtones 

Easy Brew - Hot Brew
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