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Started in 1896, Baarbara Estate has been one of the few estates at the forefront of the coffee movement in India. Baarbara Estate is located within rich bionetwork  in Karnataka.Located within this rich bionetwork in Karnataka, Baarbara Estate provides the ultimate farm-to-cup coffee experience to coffee connoisseurs. The dampness of the unscathed mists of the Western Ghats, the 5000-foot elevation of the mountains, and the fertility of the soil nourish the lush vegetation that produces Arabica beans, which are renowned as being among the highest quality worldwide.   

The estate is currently led by 4th-generation planters who are passionate about preserving its rich history. 

Roast: Light to Medium Roast

Coffee Notes: Experience Dry Almonds, Coco, Honey Coffee Notes with a round body and clean cup of coffee to start your day!


The freshness was definitely noticeable in the aroma and flavor. Mysore Nuggets Dark Roasted beans arrived with great aroma and brewed up an incredible cup of rich, deeply flavored coffee, both in the Chemex and in the Moka pot.

Radhika Bhatia, Product Manager

Recently bought their Thippanahalli - Dark Roast Coffee Beans and grinded it for cold brew. Followed their recipe of Vietnamese Iced Cold Brew. Got to say one of finest Cold Brew in the town!

Ishwar Gupta, MBA Student