Thippanahalli Estate


One of the oldest families with the history of 230 years in this district and are pioneers in coffee plantation. The family has been growing coffee since 1860 and the present families are the fifth and sixth generation planters. Come experience and interact with this family to know all about coffee and Chikmagalur.

Built in 1934 by Araluguppe Chandregowda, the magnanimous building with bricky texture is restored from the architectural style of Victorian architecture. it has a fine collection of rare paintings, artifacts, chandeliers, carpets, dolls, antique furniture, collected over a period of five generations.Built in 1934 by Sri Araluguppe Chandregowda, the magnanimous building spreading across 11,000 Sqft has a brick-styled texture. 

Situated 10 Kms from Chikmagalur, on the slope of the Baba Budanagiri Hills at an elevation of 4100 ft with a breath taking backdrop of Mullayangiri, the tallest peak in Karnataka, is set amidst one of the prettiest locations in Karnataka.

About Thippanahalli Estate Coffee:

Altitude: 1250 mt

Roast: Dark Roast

Coffee Notes: This single-estate coffee has a subtle spiciness, nutty overtones and a deliciously rich, chocolatey body.

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