Brewing a Traditional South Indian Filter Coffee

South Indian filter coffee is a strong, milky coffee decoction that’s made with a stainless steel coffee filter, and served in a traditional dabarah and tumbler. In a country where instant coffee is the norm, this method of brewing coffee is often preferred, because it produces a much better cup than instant coffee. If you’re interested in making South Indian coffee at home, here’s how.

Step by Step Process:

  1. To begin making the South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe, we will first prepare the filter coffee decoction.

  2. In a coffee filter, add the coffee powder and pour hot boiling water (If using traditional stainless steel coffee filter) and allow the decoction to drip into the bottom jar.

  3. Or if you are making it in an electric coffee maker, pour room temperature water in the coffee machine and switch it on till the decoction is obtained.

  4. In a saucepan, bring the milk to boil along with sugar to taste. Use full fat creamy milk for best results.

  5. Pour the decoction coffee into the tumblers/ coffee cups. Pour in the hot milk and combined both by mixing well. 

  6. Serve South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe along with Vegetable Rava Upma and South Indian Coconut Chutney for breakfast or with an evening snack like Mullu Murukku.


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  • Sakura

    I really love South Indian filter coffee . My friends got me introduced to it and I just fell in love with the mellow caramelly taste.

  • Rahul More

    I just got the Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee Turkish I want to know how can I brew these at home ? It will be great if you share the recipe so I can enjoy the aroma as I am eager to have it.

  • Vikas

    Hey, I am really intrigued by your wine and whisky flavours collection. But before I try those I want to know how should I brew these at home ? Can you please share the recipe for a simple yet elegant coffee as I am expecting this to be. Looking towards your reply

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