Thogarihunkal Estate Coffee

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Thogarihunkal Estate is located in Chikmagalur, nestled in the hills of Baba Budangiri, the birthplace of Indian coffee culture. The estate is managed by brothers Mallana Gowda and Chenna Basave Gowda, who are now in the process of passing on the baton to the next generation, Nandan and Abishek.

This Serene Coffee Estate situated at 3500-4000 feet above sea level is blessed with an average 75 inch rainfall. The family has been in the coffee business since 1857. Their estate was initially started by the British who picked the location because of the favourable conditions and high elevation.  At 1350m above sea level, the estate has maintained separate blocks for Arabica and Robusta, which are then segregated by varietal. Chandragiri, Selection 795, and micro lots of Selection 5 and Selection 7 are the Arabica varietals that are grown on the estate.

Altitude: 3500-4000 ft

Roast: Medium Roast

Coffee Notes: Fall in love with one of the oldest estates in India and feel citrus, orange blossom and candy notes.


The freshness was definitely noticeable in the aroma and flavor. Bynemara Dark Roasted beans arrived with great aroma and brewed up an incredible cup of rich, deeply flavored coffee, both in the Chemex and in the Moka pot.

Radhika Bhatia, Product Manager

Recently bought their Thippanahalli - Dark Roast Coffee Beans and grinded it for cold brew. Followed their recipe of Vietnamese Iced Cold Brew. Got to say one of finest Cold Brew in the town!

Ishwar Gupta, MBA Student