Peaberry Coffee - Medium Roast

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It’s one of the rarest types of coffee. Connoisseurs treasure it for its delicacy. And it is neither a pea nor a berry. This is a Peaberry!

Coffee beans grow within fruits called cherries; when ripe, they turn a vibrant red. Most of the time, the cherry contains two seeds that grow side-by-side. These are typical coffee beans. Growing together within the fruit, they develop that shape that you’re familiar with, with a flat side and a domed side.

About 5-10% of the time, however, only one seed grows within the cherry, possibly due to only one ovule being pollinated. These single beans are called peaberries. 

Altitude: 1250 mt

Roast: Medium Roast

Coffee Notes: Sourced from select coffee estate in Karnataka these peaberry coffee beans impart bright acidity, sweetness, complex flavors than their counterparts with  thin body and deliciously lingering floral aftertaste.


The freshness was definitely noticeable in the aroma and flavor. Mysore Nuggets Dark Roasted beans arrived with great aroma and brewed up an incredible cup of rich, deeply flavored coffee, both in the Chemex and in the Moka pot.

Radhika Bhatia, Product Manager

Recently bought their Thippanahalli - Dark Roast Coffee Beans and grinded it for cold brew. Followed their recipe of Vietnamese Iced Cold Brew. Got to say one of finest Cold Brew in the town!

Ishwar Gupta, MBA Student