Brazil & Ethiopia Speciality Instant Coffee (Pack of 2)

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Introducing Speciality Instant Coffees from the Coffee Heavens of the World!

But how do we make our Instant coffees brew as good as freshly roasted and brewed coffee?

Let's find out!

This is The old way: The Traditional instant coffee is made by subjecting low quality beans through a very harsh process which removes most of flavour and aroma. No wonder why most Instant Coffees taste BAD!

This is The Toffee Coffee Roasters way:

We go on across the world to source the right beans from the coffee heavens of the world: Brazil, Ethiopia and Columbia are the legacy coffee regions. We then roast it slowly in small batches. The roasted beans are then converted into coffee extract and then frozen to about – 40°C - cut into granules. The frozen granules are then dried at low temperature and under vacuum which protects the overall flavour and aroma of coffee. On top of it we use Micro-ground Technology that adds on to your final cup of coffee!

This Assorted Speciality Instant Coffee Pack Contains: 

  • 2 100% Arabica Speciality Instant Coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia and Brazil. 
  • Ethiopia and Brazil are the legacy coffee regions
  • This Brazilian Coffee Offers Bold flavour with nutty & chocolatey notes
  • This Ethiopian Coffee has a Rich Aroma with Bold and Fruity flavours
  • Have it Black or with Milk or Cream. Makes 50 Cups of Coffee/100 gms.

Indeed a Marvellous Instant Cup. Explore the World 🌍 in your cup of Coffee.


The freshness was definitely noticeable in the aroma and flavor. Mysore Nuggets Dark Roasted beans arrived with great aroma and brewed up an incredible cup of rich, deeply flavored coffee, both in the Chemex and in the Moka pot.

Radhika Bhatia, Product Manager

Recently bought their Thippanahalli - Dark Roast Coffee Beans and grinded it for cold brew. Followed their recipe of Vietnamese Iced Cold Brew. Got to say one of finest Cold Brew in the town!

Ishwar Gupta, MBA Student