Bynemara Estate


Bynemara is the Kannada word for the Fishtail Palm trees that grow abundantly on the estate. Legend has it, these trees harbour medicinal secrets that can cure most ails. They are fourth-generation family business specialising in making and exporting coffee. The rich history and commitment to quality has allowed them to develop and grow coffee that benefits from a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 


Nestled in the Beranagodu hills in the Western Ghats, Bynemara Estate
boasts of fruit orchards, plentiful rainfall, salubrious temperatures and a variety of spices. This results in superior coffee that is a testament to the fertile land of its origin. A coffee that pays homage to the South Indian culture and traditions that paved the way for its existence.

Lush and verdant, Bynemara Estate is the ideal environment for multi-crop production. It comprises two farms, several micro-climates, different altitudes and topographies - all enabling the production of exceptional coffee.


Several species of trees enhance soil fertility and microclimates


3200 - 4000 ft above sea level


12° - 28°